How To Build A Property Portfolio That Provides PASSIVE INCOME And Generates A HIGH NET WORTH Through Property Investing Using The 'Even Playing Field' System To Purchase In The Top 2% Of Growth Spots Australia wide.

WITHOUT costly mistakes, without months of guesswork research and without NOT having access to resources that elite property investors use to maximise their return on investment and minimise risk.

Jacob Field, Former Owner Of 'Australian Property Investor Magazine' and CEO of Ripehouse Advisory.

Featured In Dozens of Media Outlets Past The Two Decades

Why Should You Care?

Because we are Australia's very first COMPLETE property investment system.

We'll let you in on a little secret...

...the system comes with Ripehouse Advisory's private in-house data. All of it. No external paid sites, Local government area, suburb level and street level... all in the one place.

Why Is This Important?

If a system is not utilising it's own data, the data cannot be verified, cleaned or even innovated in a short time matter. More verified data = more accurate results.

Make money from a property in not one, but four ways...

- Buy Under Market Value

- High Cash Flow Positive

- High Growth Locations

- "Value Add" At Your Own Pace

Why Is This Important?

Discover the properties that build property portfolios fast, get both positive cash flows and high capital growth to keep the banks lending you money time and time again.

Find The Best Deals On or Off market...

...learn the skills and tactics to find the best off market deals and how to purchase them under market value BUT also discover the way to sort through the online opportunities at a rate required to beat any competition to the deal.

Why Is This Important?

Off market does not always equate to the best deals. Master both!

Get 'Ripehouse Accredited'

...Yes! This system comes with a test on every module!

Why Is This Important?

There's no way better to know how you've gone in learning the system, find out where you're at, if you've fallen short, pivot and test again. Ripehouse will give you a written creditation to show that you can source properties at a high level. (Higher than the majority of buyers agents in the industry!)

Have You Felt Or Been Through This?

These are problems we solve every working day.

Do you feel overwhelmed or cofused with the amount of information online?

Do you feel you need clarity on the next step to get you closer to where you want to go?

Do you know you need to change your financial trajectory but you're not sure where to start?

Are you in a position where you cannot afford to make a mistake?

Would you feel more relaxed, if you were guided with a safe and reliable path rather than taking on undue risk?

Would you rather an incomplete course sold by marketers, instead of real life investors who've walked the walk and are a currently practioneers of their own system in the industry, each and every day?

Do you want to accelerate your journey to Passive Income and don't have
time to learn by trial and error? Do you value DATA above all else and
want to get to your Passive Income goals as fast as possible?

Do you wish to be so empowered that what you'll be able to operate at a level better than the majority of 'buyers agents' out there?

Literally know enough that you can pick the property spruikers a mile away?

Have you tried reading all the books, watching all the videos but can't piece it all together and just need honest and experienced advice?

Who Is This For?

This system can exponentially improve beginners, seasoned investors,

buyers agents and data analysts property investing skills.


Every increment of education you can arm yourself before investing can make all the difference between a successful property acquisition that takes you closer to your goals OR further away from them.

DO NOT MISS this webinar to see for yourself a clear way forward to invest with success.

Seasoned Investors

As the CEO of Ripehouse Advisory, former owner of Australian Property Investor Magazine and a property investor for close to two decades, I've seen and been in the shoes of many investors.

DO NOT MISS this webinar, I can guarantee this will exceed your expectations, even as a seasoned investor..

Data Analysts

As a career, my background is software engineering & statistics, I've spent over a decade combining this profession with my passion for property directly in the industry, not even counting my own property investment journey.

DO NOT MISS this webinar if you are excited to see what lies underneath the hood of Ripehouse Advisory. [ Hint] let’s just say that there's one data tool that will blow your mind..

Buyers Agents

Imagine if we took the commodification of data out of the current equation to create an 'Even Playing Field' so we could all concentrate on what's really important: service and maximised return on investment. Serving our clients to the highest level and getting them the best results.

DO NOT MISS this webinar if you know, deep down, you're data analysis is not at its 'A' game, or if you want take your property investment skills to the next level.

Why We Are Different?

The 'Even Playing Field' System

Other 'Systems' / Courses & Trainings

Provides access to in-house private advisory property
data no at additional cost.

Relies on external third party publicly available data
platforms which are at an additional cost on top of the course.

Completely self-sufficient of acquiring its own data sets.

Reliant on third-party systems that if they cease to exist,
could render the course unusable overnight.

Data rigorously and routinely cleansed and innovated by
in-house Data Scientist.

No way of innovating or knowing whether data is accurate or complete.

Revolutionary ‘High Growth Location’ tool that enables the comparison of all 15,000+ suburbs Australia wide in seconds.

Offers an algorithm which needs to be applied manually, is
very open to human error’s and can take multiple hours to do.

‘Cash Flow Analysis' Tool with integrated ‘Renovation Calculator’ for a complete cash flow analysis result.

Offers a singular cash flow analysis spreadsheet that you
are unable to tell how updated the back end calculations are.

 ‘Comparative Market Analysis’ Tool: Discover how to
assess fair market value using the same methods as valuers.

Offers a short cut way of assessing a fair market value when the truth is it's a process that requires a lot of practise to master.

Guides you to create a passive income and high net worth within 5 to 15 years.

Coerce you into get rich quick schemes with high risk and
low accountability.

Evolved 10+ years before the Covid Boom. Tens of
thousands of transactions. Multiple property cycles tested.

Evolved just prior to the Covid boom. Hundreds of transactions, no full property cycle proven results.

Gain a true understanding of the processes and the system involved in a professional property acquisition.

Offers shortcuts for a false marketing advantage at the cost of true proven investment processes.

Completely independent with no kick-backs from builders.

Have vested interests in selling you further products or services after you’ve finished the course.

I am not a marketer, we are not a marketing company. We do this every working day.

This is not one person’s confirmation bias on what works who is not constantly active in the everyday evolving industry.

Backed by in-house a data scientist and software
developers who are actively involved in innovation.

Relies on third party “data experts” and long delays between updates.

Designated 'Facebook Group' just for Academy members plus
entry into the Ripehouse Advisory 'Facebook Group' AND exclusive ‘Mastermind Sessions’

Added into a large Facebook Group where you can get lost in the crowd for service.

Direct one on one answers from myself from any question posted in it’s own post,

Redirected to staff or moderators without getting one one onone access to the system professional.

$2997 Once Off Fee. No Upsell.

$5000… even $6000+! One Off Fee

PLUS additional data subscription costs.


Want to Get My Proven Process to Scaling Any Ad Campaign Profitably?

Get my entire FB checklist that my team and I use to decide whether to add budget, track, targeting, split test and scale to the moon.

This training has never been released as a standalone before ... and was previously only available as part of a $3,997 event. But you can get immediate access today for just $37. (This offer is not available ANYWHERE else on the market!)

Most of Our Successful Members Choose This Upgrade...

Kane " "

I have found the course well worth the money. For those new to property investing or those who may have had experience already, there is more than enough useful information to guide you through the entire process of finding, buying and repeating the process.

The course paired with the Ripehouse PUSH system provides a strategy that is repeatable and just makes sense.

Personally I have tried a couple of methods with very mixed results but after completing the modules I now feel far more informed and I’m adopting the theories as we speak.

As Leo mentions the Mastermind calls and the support from other members is something I have really enjoyed too. It’s great to test your ideas out and get feedback from Jacob and the group.

Go for it!!

Leo " "

I enjoyed the course myself. The trainings are very detailed.

Jacob did a great job trying to break down the processes into smaller sections. He basically shared whatever he can including their own processes in Ripehouse.

He also shared the strategies you can apply so you can achieve your goal sooner than you think.

Plus, what makes it stand out is the amount of data and research they use to crunch the numbers.

What's equally valuable are the weekly mastermind calls where he answers specific questions from the members.

However, after going over the training, be sure to go out and take action so you can make the most out of the course 🙂

Gary " "

I just purchased a property in Perth with the help from Ripehouse even playing field course and Picki website.

40k under market value, current lease 5.3% yield, new lease will see 6.7% yield.

With right renovation could see a equity uplift of around 30% conservatively. And it’s a corner r60 block.

Thanks Jacob!

Deepak " "

It’s an in depth course to prepare your mindset to achieve your property investment goal.

Jacob outlines different aspects to look out for and help you conduct your research in an appropriate manner which doesn’t leave you confused.

It will definitely give you a clear path to follow and find the right property in the right place.

The 'Even Playing Field' System© Jacob Field